.: Special Effects for Torque Engines (TGE and TGEA)

High quality special effects, as seen in top game titles like World of Warcraft and EverQuest II, greatly improve any game. For games featuring magic spells, otherworldly powers, or futuristic weaponry, they are indispensable.

Out of the box, Torque engines TGE and TGEA offer a valuable assortment of building block effects, but if you really want complex, layered, and dramatic special effects, you'll want something extra.

Turn to Arcane-FX.

.: Product Features: (AFX 1.1 coming soon)

Generalized Effects System

Choreograph the timing and placement of many different effect types using a consistent scripting mechanism. Building block effects include: explosions, particle emitters, sound effects, animated models, character animations, lights, script events, zodiac ground decals, camera shakes, damage and healing, and physical zones.

Flexible Spell System

Represent a varied assortment of magic spells: quick instants, elaborate conjurings, long-lasting buffs and de-buffs, damage over time, area effects, guided projectiles, creature summonings, resurrections, teleportations, and even flying.


Highlight targets and object selections with style. AFX Selectrons are designed specifically for crafting dynamic special effects for client-specific selection highlights and with the same repertoire of client effects used for magic spells, the design possibilities are enormous.

Powerful Constraint System

Independently constrain the position and orientation of any effect to other scene objects such as a spellcaster, a target, a projectile, or the camera. Attach effects to animated object nodes, such as a character's hand or foot. Create complex tracking effects using constraint history. Aim effects at the camera or other objects. You can even constrain effects to other effects.

Multiple Engines

Beginning with version 1.1, AFX is available as separate products for the Torque Game Engine (TGE) and the Torque Game Engine Advanced (TGEA). In addition to the capabilites found in AFX for TGE, AFX for TGEA includes zodiac decals on Atlas terrain, and shader-based materials (custom and standard) on model effects.

Expected Availabilty: AFX1.1 for TGEA (Dec. 2007), AFX1.1 for TGE (Jan. 2008)

Ready-made Effects

Get a head start on your magic spell and other effects with a varied set of pre-built example spells. A number of sample effects are included with the core product, with additional spell effects available in the content pack, SpellPack1. These are complete implementations of showcase spells (with audio), covering a range of spell types typically found in RPG and other MMO games. Nearly all of the sample effects are compatible with both TGE and TGEA while their lighting and materials are carefully tuned for each engine.

.: Availability

AFX 1.0.2 for TGE is available now at GarageGames.com. AFX 1.1 for TGEA and TGE is in its final testing phase and will be released soon.

For more info, please visit GarageGames.com or email info@arcanefx.com.

.: Credits

AFX was conceived and implemented by Jeff Faust of Faust Logic.

Magic spell effects designed and realized by Matthew Durante with additional programming also by Matthew Durante.

Magic spell sounds designed and realized by Dave Schroeder of Pilotvibe.com.

Torque Game Engine and Torque Game Engine Advanced are published by GarageGames.com.